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Comedy Central's Indecision is the network's digital hub for all things political comedy. The brand began on television as "Indecision '92," when comedian Al Franken covered President George H. W. Bush's State of the Union Address and the 1992 Democratic and Republican conventions in an unprecedented convergence of real news and real comedy. In 1999 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart adopted the Indecision brand for its trademark election coverage. This launched The Daily Show's wildly popular Indecision segments, which won a Peabody Award in 2004. Meanwhile, on the Internet, Comedy Central created Comedy Central's Indecision, an online destination for original political comedy and election coverage, in 2007. In 2011 Comedy Central's Indecision won the Webby Award for Best Political Blog, then expanded to the full-fledged digital enterprise you see now, including the website, daily blog, original video, apps and social media.

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Would you like a source or guest to discuss politics, comedy, the Internet and the intersection thereof? You're in luck: that's what we do. Please direct all inquiries to claire.delacruz@mtvn.com.

We also dance a little.


Mary Phillips-Sandy (Editorial Producer)
Mary Phillips-Sandy started writing for Indecision in 2008 and became the site's full-time editorial producer in 2011. She has also written for the Awl, the Daily, LIFE.com, Bundle, Yankee Pot Roast, the Portland Phoenix and other places. @maryps 

Erik Bergstrom
Erik Bergstrom is a stand-up comedian and cartoonist who can be seen performing around New York. His cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker and in his book Grimmer Tales (Penguin Books).  @erik_bergstrom

River Clegg
River Clegg grew up in a many-horse town in rural New Hampshire. He studied history at Yale and co-edited its humor magazine, The Yale Record. He lives in Brooklyn and does freelance writing and stand-up comedy. @riverclegg 

Gonzalo Cordova
Gonzalo Cordova is a writer and stand-up comedian who can be seen performing all over New York. He's been part of the Indecision blogging team since 2008, and also writes for Comedy Central Insider. @gonzalorcordova 

Ilya Gerner
Ilya Gerner is a management consultant focusing on the government and non-profit sectors. Before following in the poor man's version of Mitt Romney's footsteps he worked on (occasionally winning!) political campaigns and served a stint in municipal government, where he narrowly avoided "Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown" coverage from the local media. @igerner

Lisa Beth Johnson
Lisa Beth Johnson is a Texas native living in Los Angeles who writes and performs comedy. She got started writing jokes on Twitter, and her work has been featured in Wired and the Huffington Post. @ladybirdj 

Dan Poppy
Dan Poppy is a writer and reporter who splits his time between sister cities Hershey, PA and Tokyo, Japan. @donpappy