• WINNER Caption Challenge: John Edwards

    John Edwards makes his position clear…

    Here's the Pope and here's Don Rickles. I'm somewhere in the middle.
    Submitted by flasunbum.


    • "I'm this much more qualified than Barack Obama, if you know what I mean…" (Pubrick)

    • John Edwards finds out that his vote for the war in Iraq was more than just a "teeny, weeny mistake." (depalma13)
    • "My chances of winning are VERY big! All right, THIS big. Okay, then, THIS big. Are you satisfied now?!" (weatherman45)
    • Now Senator Edwards, we understand this was a traumatic experience for you, but we need to know exactly how far did Senator Obama stick it in? (thedonkey00)
    • "West Wiiinnngggg!!!" (Nikye1088)

    Thanks to everyone who sent us their captions. We'll have another image needing captioning up for you on Monday. Until then, take a look at our older Caption Challenges.

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