• Write-In Posts: I (fart) Richardson

    Here's a post for all you hardcore political eproctophiliacs out there. A reader emailed us with the best argument ever for watching political events with your children…

    Last night my two teenagers and I were watching the CNN YouTube debates that we'd recorded earlier, and were quite amused to learn that one of the candidates farted during a national debate.

    Gov. Richardson is addressing a question about standardizing the voting systems… when somebody and I'm presuming it must be Gov Richardson, passes gas. My kids and I replayed the scene several times and got quite a good laugh out of it.

    You can see for yourself below in this clip we pulled from the official CNN/YouTube Debate webpage. The effluviant outburst occurs at precisely the moment that the clock rolls down to 0:27 seconds…

    We're not sure if it was Richardson or not. Regardless, it was probably the smartest thing said all night. Who do you think dealt that smart riposte?

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