• Candidate Casting Couch: The Simpsons

    In its first two weeks, The Simpsons Movie grossed more than $240 million worldwide. With that kind of money pouring into the First Bank of Springfield, it's not surprising that Matt Groening and all the rest of the cartoon's staff felt safe in taking the rest of the summer off. But what about its loyal fans? To where will they turn for their fix of rote stupidity and brash uncouthness? (We have a feeling that you know where we're going with this…)

    John Edwards = Marge Simpson
    Infamous hairdo

    Sam Brownback = Ned Flanders
    Hididdly-ho, evangelino!

    Fred Thompson = Troy McClure
    You may remember him from such films as…

    Barack Obama = Bart Simpson
    Self-possessed young risk-taker and t-shirt hawker

    Tom Tancredo = Hans Moleman
    Able to take a football in the groin — other than that, we don't know much about him

    Dennis Kucinich = Lisa Simpson
    Good message, always on point, vegetarian, too short to be taken seriously

    John McCain = Abraham Simpson
    Affectionately known as "Gramdpa," jowly, increasingly becoming irrelevant

    Hillary Clinton = Sideshow Bob
    Yalie, struggling to emerge from the shadow of a famously indulgent celebrity partner

    Rudy Giuliani = Nelson Muntz
    Entire reputation based upon campaign of fear

    So, who do you think is Homer Simpson?

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