• WINNER Caption Challenge: Ron Paul

    It wouldn't be an election if there wasn't at least a little controversy, dissent and general sourgrape-ishness bandied about, and last week's Caption Challenge is no exception. We — the proprietors of Indecision 2008 — have found ourselves accused of being, among other things, lazy, moronic, humorless and pro-Paul. Well, we can assure you, we are definitely not pro-Paul.

    However, it does appear that supporters of Texas congressman have shown up to the Caption Challenge in force to push a less-than-unflattering caption way the hell up to the front of the pack. Democracy in action! Ron Paul takes the day. And after his 9% showing at the Ames Straw Poll, it's not looking like he'll have too many more.

    Submitted by ponyplayer19, winning a whopping 58% of the popular vote.

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