• Cockblock The Vote: 2002 – Sununu's Su-No-No

    Voter fraud isn't just for presidential elections. Travel back to 2002 with us now for the next installment of…Cockblock the Vote!

    In 2002, the small but ridiculously influential but really kind of a sh*thole for New England except there are a couple of good hiking trails what were we talking about again oh yeah New Hampshire was at the center of a phone bank jamming scandal, in which a Virginia-based consulting firm phone bank jammed the phone banks of the state Democratic Party and the firefighters' union, helping hand the margin of victory to Republican John E. Sununu, edging out then-governess Jeanne Shaheen. The legal briefs flew as the Democrats filed a civil suit; a criminal trial followed, in which four men were found guilty of federal crimes and sentenced to prison, which evidently is not really like the one in the movie "Bad Boys."

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