• Candidate Casting Couch: Superheroes

    There's been lots of buzz recently about the upcoming season of NBC's "Heroes." Stories about product placement, overseas marketing, corporate breakdowns between NBC and Apple-sounds like our kind of show! Until we watched it. What a rip: no costumes, no capes, and nary an evil super-villain in sight. Unfulfilled and misunderstood, we retreated to our own Fortress of Solitude (a.k.a. the Olive Garden in Times Square) and geeked out all night (a.k.a. we ate enough bottomless salad to cover the $9.95 menu price), Indecision 2008-style!

    Hillary Clinton = She-Hulk
    Trained as a lawyer, can kick pretty much any guy's ass, marriage to Man-Wolf was probably a mistake.

    Mike Gravel = Wolverine
    Intense, outdoorsy misanthrope from the Great White North with little memory of his past — possibly insane.

    John McCain = Phoenix
    You keep thinking the bitch is gone for good, but, guess what, you're wrong again.

    John Edwards = Robin/Nightwing
    Kinda just worked better as a sidekick.

    Fred Thompson = Onslaught
    The payoff totally wasn't worth all the hype.

    Joe Biden = Beast
    Can't keep his mouth shut, ineffectual leader — has kinda weird hair.

    Duncan Hunter = Aquaman

    Bill Richardson = Captain Planet
    A good idea in theory, but there's just something lame about him.

    Mitt Romney = Metamorpho
    Able to change shape at will to suit his current needs.

    Barack Obama = Black Lightning

    Rudy Giuliani = The Punisher
    Italian American, native-New Yorker, people seem to like pretending he's a hero for some reason.

    Al Gore = Galactus
    Lurking out there somewhere, feeds off the destruction of the planet to maintain his massive girth.

    Ron Paul = Matter-Eater Lad
    Getting a lot of internet buzz, but… c'mon.

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