• Propaganza: Allen the Family

    This is a big week for Fred Thompson. Not only does it mark his first Republican debate, but he's also announced the addition to of George Allen — the Man Who Would Be Candidate — to his campaign team. (Apparently, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, David Vitter and Tom DeLay were all unavailable.)

    Many believe that had it not been for Allen's disappointing loss of his Senate seat following a series of devastating controversies, he would be the leading Republican presidential candidate today. Alas, that was not to be. But he can still be a huge help to his friend Freddie. He brings a wide array of talents to the table. Such as…

    When it comes to name recognition, Allen's talents are unsurpassed. Within a few weeks, the words "Fred" and "Thompson" should be on the lips of every citizen between Richmond and Seattle. Just look at what he did for such an obscure word as "macaca."

    Speaking of vocabulary, let's face it: Allen's a poet at heart. His amazing gift for colorful language will help Thompson elevate his orations to truly rapturous levels.

    Direct Mail
    Expect to see Thompson's smiling face often when sorting through the mail. Allen allegedly has a lot of alleged experience with allegedly stuffing things into mailboxes. Allegedly.

    Can help put Thompson in touch with a wide range of influential special interest groups, be they white, Caucasian, Anglo-European or pale face.

    That Elusive X Factor
    For a laid back, down-home, regular guy like Thompson, a little bit of Allen's plausibly deniable knack for surprise and theatrics will go a long way.

    So congratulations to Mr. Thompson. His should be a spectacular presidential campaign. As his good friend Mr. Allen himself has said: "You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with."

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