• Debate & Tackle: Too Black, Too Busy

    Top-tier Republican candidates have been under a lot of fire recently for repeatedly declining invitations to debate before an audience of African-American voters, citing a lack of time. We think this criticism is unfair. These candidates are busy people, and they simply cannot find the time to accept every single invitation. They have to turn down a lot of debates.

    Here's just a few that they skipped recently…

    • The Homosexual Union Workers' Debate

    • The Poor Persons' Debate
    • The Critical Thinker's Debate
    • The White Guilt Debate
    • The Very Poor Person's Debate
    • The All Other Minorities Besides Black People's Debate
    • The Logical Fallacy Pointer-Outer's Debate
    • The Distinguished League of Hoboes Debate
    • The Old-School Conservative's Debate
    • The I Hate You Republicans and I'm Never Ever Going to Vote for You Ever No Matter What Debate and Steak Fry

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