• Debate & Tackle: LiveBlogging the CNN/YouTube GOP Extravaganza

    So, do you have plans for this Wednesday night? Or were you just planning on mocking CNN/YouTube's Republican Debate from the loneliness of your poorly heated bedroom while stuffing stale faux-lime flavored tortilla chips and cheap beer down your throat?

    No kidding! Us too!

    Seeing as how we pretty much have the same plans that night, why don't we do it together?

    The Indecision 2008 staff will be liveblogging the event starting at 8pm and going till whenever it ends. (Let's hope it does go into overtime.) But here's the ground rules: You've gotta do a shot every time one of the candidates compares Hillary Clinton to Pol Pot, denies the existence of gravity or Fred Thompson falls down dead.

    See you then. And bring some aspirin, because I think we're all getting fucked up.

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