• Obama Isn't Crooked Enough to Be Interesting

    Some very old news about Barack Obama's possibly shady dealings with former boss Allison Davis is starting to make the rounds again.

    Obama — now a U.S. senator for Illinois — cast the vote along with others on the board to grant [$1 million] to development company owner Allison Davis, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday. Another board member with ties to Davis abstained from voting.

    Ho hum. Is that all? Do they really expect us to get all indignant about a politician casting a vote as a favor? In this election cycle? That might've be a deal breaker a few elections ago, but politicians have really stepped up their corruption lately. They're gonna have to do better than a little back-scratching to make the voters sit up and take notice.

    Wake me up when it comes to light that Davis had to suck the money out from Obama's urethra with his mouth. And then maybe I'll care.

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