• Maybe Comedy Central Should Give Him a Special?

    In Slate today, John Dickerson asks the burning question is Mike Huckabee "Too Funny To Be President?" We won't spoil the article by telling you the answer, but here are a few of Huckabee's zany one-liners, as cataloged by Dickerson.

    • "If you think that Medicare is expensive now, wait until 10,000 aging hippies a day find out they can get free drugs."
    • "I may not have any foreign policy experience, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."
    • and his imitation of a 1960s Arkansas car mechanic confused about seat belts: "You wanna do what? You wanna put in a strap so you tie yourself down in that car?"

    For a special thrill, listen to the podcast version of this article to hear Dale Willman do his impression of Huckabee's impression of the mechanic.

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