• The Great Lincoln's Beard Challenge of Aught-Eight

    Got plans for Lincoln's birthday yet? Before you spend yet another year passed out in a pile of your own moonshine vomit in a remote cabin in Illinois, think about participating in what is sure to become a proud, American tradition: The Inaugural Indecision 2008 Great Lincoln's Beard Challenge.

    Rules we've established here at Indecision headquarters thusfar:

    1. You must grow a full Lincoln beard before Lincoln's birthday (February 12th).

    2. You must show us three progressive growth pictures.
    3. You cannot just grow a full beard and then shave it Lincoln-style. Why? 'Cause that's how the Communists would do it.

    References to Gay-braham Lincoln, Babe-raham Lincoln and Abra-Ham Lincoln are welcome but not required.

    Email your pictures/daguerreotypes to theindecider@indecision2008.com.

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