• Extremely Local Politics — Results, Week of December 28th

    These were some tough images this week, apparently. Not a lot of correct guesses, but some good guesses nonetheless.

    Our favorites:

    1. Bill Clinton fondly remembers watching Monica shower. (LulaMay)

    2. Ross Perot with sunburn.(bearness)

    3. Huckabee takes Jesus' thorn crown and makes it a ribbon for the troops. Continues to deny subliminally tying religion to his campaign. (Patchell)

    4. Britney Spears announces her candidacy. (bearness)

    And nothing quite correct, but the closest first guesses were:

    2. Cafeteria "It's CHRISTmas Stupid" keepsake mug(LulaMay)

    3. a decorative bow (usafraud)

    4. somebody putting their hand on my head (usafraud) assuming usafraud is the man in the picture, which for all we know, he is

    Click on the images to see the full picture. Check back next Wednesday for a new Extremely Local Politics.

    1. 2.

    3. 4.

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