• Candidate Casting Couch: Reality Shows

    With the writers' strike still going on, we've heard a lot about how reality shows might soon be the only shows with new episodes on TV. And with the candidates striving to spread their messages to as many people as possible, we can't help but think about synergy (but maybe that's because we work for a corporation, and we're always thinking about synergy). So, here are some ways in which candidates and reality shows can come together:

    • John McCain, Survivor – After spending years in a Vietnamese POW camp, it seems like McCain could handle a few weeks of sleeping in the rain and eating bugs; plus, he kind of reminds us of that guy Rudy from the first season. Expect him to talk a good game about building alliances, but when the chips are down, always end up voting with the majority of his tribe.

    • Hillary Clinton, The Bachelor – As one of many contestants, Clinton understands that The Bachelor might not choose her. But she's confident that she's got a pretty good shot at winning, since she's known him since law school.
    • Rudy Giuliani, Big Brother – While most contestants on this show are made uncomfortable by the constant surveillance, Rudy would certainly relish it, likely pushing the producers to install more cameras to capture every move made in the house. He probably won't be very popular, but that won't matter when one morning all of the "undesirable" players are found to have mysteriously disappeared in the night. Also, 9/11.
    • Barack Obama, Punk'd – Ashton Kutcher totally punks his good buddy Barack by convincing the entire state of Iowa to pretend that they're ready to turn over control of the country to a first-term, inexperienced black senator. When Barack discovers the ruse, he's mad at first, but he and Ashton hug it out before the commercial.
    • Mike Huckabee, Last Comic Standing – He's got decent stage-presence and his experience as a minister has probably honed his crowd work. And, his hilarious bit about the earth being 6000 years old is sure to kill.
    • Mike Gravel – We said reality shows.
    • Dennis Kucinich, Trading Spouses – Kucinich is forced to spend several days married to a woman of his equal attractiveness, an endeavor that leaves him with a permanant psychological scar.
    • Fred Thompson, Campaign '08 – As an actor, Thompson fully understands the value of reinvigorating a career with a stint on a reality show. He's been on the show Campaign '08 since September 5th, 2007, when it was spun off from his appearance on the Tonight Show.
    • Ron Paul, Hell's Kitchen – Host and master chef Gordon Ramsay would be knocked on his culinary ass with dishes Paul perfected during his days of isolated radical militia training. The Squirrel Stroganoff would almost certainly be a hit, but the Assorted Road Kill Platter can only described as exquisitely insane.

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