• The Great Lincoln's Beard Challenge of Aught Eight: Start Your Hairy Engines!

    That's right, men. As of tomorrow, we have only one month left until Lincoln's birthday, which means you have thirty-one days to get started on the The Great Lincoln's Beard Challenge of Aught Eight. To recap the rules:

    • 1. You must grow a full Lincoln beard before Lincoln's birthday (February 12th).

    • 2. You must show us three progressive growth pictures.
    • 3. You cannot just grow a full beard and then shave it Lincoln-style.

    Email your pics to theindecider@indecision2008.com.

    And now, for the ladies…aw yeah. We didn't forget you. You're getting a challenge too. We had some debate as to what form this would take. LulaMay suggested that we allow our female contributors to (ahem) "…grow hair elsewhere and apply it with spirit gum?"

    Well, we don't know exactly what that means, though we're willing to see any pictures you'd like to submit, but our counter proposal is —

    The Great Babe-raham Lincoln Challenge of Aught Eight. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself as a Babe-raham Lincoln and send it to the same address, also by February 12th.

    We here highly resolve that these pics shall not be submitted in vain; that this challenge shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this blog of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

    So gals, start putting your costumes together, and guys, send in your early phase growth pics to theindecider@indecision2008.com!

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