• Extremely Local Politics — Results, Early Primaries

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's Extremely Local Politics. There were many hilarioius interpretations this week. Here's a couple of highlights:

    An awkward moment between Edwards and Obama during Democratic Candidate Spin the Bottle. (distractedglobe)
    Candidates reenact their favorite skits from The Electric Company (SCharb)

    Official Fred Thompson's chin rest. (bearness)
    Romney practicing technique for his next encounter with a Red State Voter. (iamwar)

    A poppy symbolizes homeland, freedom and kudos to the Bush Administration for a good crop of smack on the new Afghanistan national flag. (cpowers)
    The carpet under which the mainstream media sweeps points of view it feels threatens the status quo. (fakeHuman)

    Ordered pattern of the universe in direct denial of the true violent nature of elections. (NVLIBRARYSTAFF)
    John Edwards's favorite wizard hat (SCharb)

    And LulaMay, in addition to beating all the pundits by predicting the NH primary correctly pretty much swept the table with this week's first correct guessees:

    1. Huckabee/Obama eskimo moment. (NVLIBRARYSTAFF)
    However we're giving a special honorary mention to LulaMay for identifying half of the image correctly, though.

    2. Inflatable Campaign Toy (LulaMay)

    3. Hillary's Victory Blazer (LulaMay)

    4. Background of Republican Debate (LulaMay)

    Click on the images to see the full picture. Check back next later today for a new Extremely Local Politics.

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