• Help Us Name Super Tuesday

    This upcoming Tuesday, February 5th, 23 states will hold their Democratic and/or primary elections. (Plus also American Samoa.) This is the largest simultaneous primary election in the history of American history.

    Fittingly for such a momentous occasion, the media's coming up with some momentous names for the big day. And, fittingly for American politics, nobody can agree on just one name. It has been called thus far Super Tuesday, Super Duper Tuesday, Giga Tuesday, The Tuesday of Destiny and Tsunami Tuesday.

    Since we'll be liveblogging the whole thing ourselves, we decided that we needed an appropriately momentous name of our own.

    Now, we liked the sound of Tsunami Tuesday, but — in light of relatively recent world events — it seemed a tad bit offensive for our tastes. So, instead, we came up with Super Katrina Tuesday, which seems appropriately classy.

    Then someone suggested piggy-backing off the popularity of the Super Bowl that's happening on the Sunday just before. But Super Bowl Sunday Tuesday seems off somehow.

    Shark Week Tuesday really excited us when it was first brought up, but apparently someone's already used it.

    Everyone from the suits upstairs to a co-worker's 12-year-old nephew seemed to have an opinion. Finally, we just decided to ask you, our readers, to decide for us.



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