• Slackers Propel Obama to Crushing Victories

    From the New York Times:

    Mrs. Clinton, who has not done as well in the caucus states as Mr. Obama has, winning only two of nine so far, suggested that she did not expect to win in Washington, as many of her supporters would be too busy working to break away from their schedules and spend the time to caucus for her.

    "If this were a primary, where everybody could vote all day, I'd feel pretty good about it," she said. "But it's not. It's a caucus."

    And just as expected, Obama's national army of unemployed, chai-sipping, pot-smoking trust funders propelled him to victory not only in Washington, but in that other bastion of moneyed, Volvo-driving, East Coast elitism — Nebraska:

    Mr. Obama received nearly 70 percent support in Nebraska, compared with 31 percent for Mrs. Clinton. He also had 67 percent support in Washington state caucuses, compared with 32 percent for Mrs. Clinton with returns tallied from about one-half of the state's precincts. There were 78 delegates at stake, the largest single prize of the night. The two were also matched up in a primary in Louisiana and caucuses in the Virgin Islands.

    It's too close to call at press time, but Indecision 2008 predicts the hungover-since-Mardi-Gras vote comes through big for Obama in Louisiana.

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