• Comparison Shopping: Farrakhan vs. Obama

    At yesterday's debate, Barack Obama got himself in trouble for failing to reject/denounce/vulcanize/spritz/pin the tail on supporter Louis Farrakhan with enough gusto. On first glance, the firebrand Nation of Islam leader and junior Senator turned presidential candidate would appear to have a lot in common. Both, for example, are black. But let's see how they really stack up against each other:

    Louis Farrakhan Barack Obama
    Attitude Militant Sparkly
    Jews? No Yes
    Crazy Wikipedia Trivia Once had a vision in which he was carried up to a wheel-shaped UFO as described in the Book of Ezekiel to hear a prophesy from the late Elijah Muhammad Is a pretty good poker player
    Religion Islam Probably Islam
    Most Famous Quote "Did we really give Hitler enough of a chance?" "Yes we can."
    Likely to Die… …tripping over his shoelaces during the million-man stampede of 2011. …in a hope-splosion.

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