• Breaking News: Obama Wins Wyoming Two Days Ago

    So, uh, yeah… Wyoming had that caucus for the thing on Saturday afternoon. Hang on. Let me get my head together here. Whoa.

    Anyway, apparently, with just 100% of precincts reporting, it appears that CNN is projecting this state to Barack Obama with 61% of the vote to Clinton's 38%, netting him 7 of the state's 12 votes, while Hillary has to make due with 4.

    That twelfth delegate is around here somewhere. I can totally see it in my mind's eye, I can't quite place the location. I already checked in the cabinets and behind the refrigerator. It might in the attic with the Christmas decorations. Maybe If it doesn't turn up soon, I swear to god I'll replace it. As soon as my tax return check comes in. I swear to god.

    Tags: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Wyoming


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