• Terminator Unit HRC-2008 Will Not Be Stopped

    Real Clear Politics gives three real clear reasons why Hillary Clinton might just pull out ahead of Barack Obama and win the Democratic nomination…

    1) Senator Obama's "problem" in regards to his long-time pastor is a real issue. Brian Ross' report Thursday on Good Morning America, and more importantly the surfacing of the incendiary video(s), make this an explosive subject that will not go quietly away.

    2) The very serious meltdown in the financial markets is likely to focus the country's attention on the health, stability and future of the American economy. Fairly or unfairly, Senator Clinton will benefit from her association with with Bill Clinton's administration in the prosperous Nineties, and that perceived experience on the economy will stand in stark contrast to Senator Obama's dearth of experience.

    3) The mostly unnoticed switch of Puerto Rico from a caucus on June 7 to a primary on June 1, gives Hillary Clinton a very real opportunity to surpass Barack Obama in the popular vote count. If Senator Clinton can "win" the popular vote, this will provide undecided superdelegates ample rationale to go with the less risky general election option of Senator Clinton.

    Not bad, but I think they missed a really obvious one…

    4) The Ancient One Morghthloth commands it, and He shall not be satiated otherwise, lest the whole of humanity surrender its blood for Him in which to bathe His seventy-thousand strong army of marble soldiers. (He's been a supporter of hers ever since the original Clinton administration.)

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