• Barack Obama Shames America at Bowling Alley

    Barack Obama — for no particular reason whatsoever, not for an awkward opportunity or anything, I mean — decided, just of his own free will, to go bowling in Altoona, PA — where there might maybe be a really important primary coming up soon — over the weekend for some reason.

    And, I'll tell you, Obama may have been compared on several occasions to great Americans like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, but it doesn't seem like he'll be compared to Johnny Petraglia anytime soon…

    "I haven't bowled in 30 years," Obama declared before putting on size 13 1/2 shoes. Casey joined in, and the two rolled. Casey's ball went into the left gutter; Obama's rolled into the right. And so it went, though the locals didn't seem to mind the poor performance…

    No, because clearly they could tell that these millionaire politicians were spending time with them strictly for the sheer love of bowling. And I'm sure they realized that they were just rusty and would be improving as they night wore on. And Casey's performance did improve.

    And Obama's?

    Obama's balls on the on the other hand meandered their way into the gutter time and time again.

    Well, I guess we can add Bill Clinton to that list of people he's been compared to.

    "My economic plan is better than my bowling!" Obama declared at one point to the crowd that had gathered around the lane, growing with each frame as patrons texted and called friends and family to see the political spectacle.

    Well, I should hope so. Sounds like George Bush's economic plan is better than Obama's bowling.

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