• ScandalGate: Barack Obama Caught in Worst Political Atrocity Since the Assassination of Julius Caesar

    Here's the Obama melt-down moment the Clinton campaign has been praying for.

    It seems as though Barack Obama has gambled all of his political futures on gaining a little quasi-useful information from a small Clinton campaign office in Erie, Pennsylvania by sending a master spy/college student in undercover.

    Like, for reals!

    The visitor, the Clinton campaign said, was a campaigner for Sen. Barack Obama. And the Clinton campaign raised allegations of dirty political tricks. But an Obama spokesman said the campaigner was acting on his own, and was asked to leave the campaign after news of the incident surfaced.

    Yeah, right! Like Barack Obama himself wasn't listening in on the other end of the wire the kid was obviously — though not reportedly — wearing. I'll believe that when I don't see it.

    Clinton spokesman Mark Nevins criticized the Obama supporter's tactics. "I just think it's atrocious that a campaign that sort of defines itself as the new way is engaging in the politics of Richard Nixon and Gordon Liddy," he said.

    Nevins added that he didn't think he was overstating the matter by comparing the incident to Watergate.

    No, that's not an overstatement at all. In fact, I'd take it a step further and say that I don't think it's overstating the matter by comparing it to Odysseus and his 3,000 Greek soldiers hiding inside their hollowed out wooden horse stature to gain access to the city of Troy and thus murder the city's innocent citizens under the cover of darkness. Or — now that I think about it — Saddam Hussein ordering the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds from Iraq.

    Clearly, an Obama-supporting college student pretending to be a Clinton volunteer to get into the office of a tiny campaign HQ has got to be at least comparable to a governmental-leader-sanctioned case of espionage/burglary/genocide.

    I mean, this college kid! He was inside the impenetrable fortress of Hillary Clinton's Eire, PA campaign office. Who knows what he could have done. He might even have stolen some pencils. The monster!

    All due thanks to Rob Perry for the tip.

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