• Alberto Gonzales Can't Recall What It's Like to Have a Job

    Things haven't been going so well for former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recently…

    Alberto R. Gonzales, like many others recently unemployed, has discovered how difficult it can be to find a new job. Mr. Gonzales, the former attorney general, who was forced to resign last year, has been unable to interest law firms in adding his name to their roster, Washington lawyers and his associates said in recent interviews.

    I can't recall anything Gonzales did or didn't do as attorney general that would keep people from wanting to hire him? I'm trying to think of any mistakes he made, but I can't recall any. As far as I can tell, he did an excellent job serving the country, but I can't recall any specific examples right now.

    You know, I just thought of a great piece of employment advice for Gonzales. But I can't recall it now.

    (Thanks to Stephanie Ochoa for the tip.)

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