• A Hundred Mayors March for Hillary Clinton

    Apparently, a hundred Pennsylvania mayors from all over the state will join together to support Hillary Clinton and feign disgust for Barack Obama's stupid but now ridiculously overblown "bitter" comments…

    Some twenty of them will be at an event in Harrisburg today, and number of these will pick up the "small town" refrain — an effort by the Hillary campaign to get local officials who represent these small-town folks to keep the story going.

    "These are the men and women who represent the people Senator Obama so casually dismissed as clinging to guns and religion," a Hillary campaign source says. "These mayors know better."

    Obviously, the endorsements of individual lower-level officials don't mean much in isolation, but the Clinton campaign is hoping that a whole bunch of them echoing her criticism of Obama will add up to a chorus of sorts.

    She's also hoping that the transcendence of that glorious chorus will magically transform all of them from lowly bedraggled mayors into shining superdelegates in the sky.

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