• Political Accounting: Their Tax Dollars at Work


    As you stand on line at the post office waiting to file your taxes before government thugs come to your house with stun sticks and confiscate 1/3 of your children as collateral, you may be thinking, "Hey, I wonder if my presidential candidate of choice is as anxious about his/her taxes as I am about mine."

    Well, Virginia, he/she is not. Most likely your favorite candidate is sitting on his/her deducted jet, sipping his/her deducted pander-y regional alcoholic beverage of choice and laughing about how many more expenses he/she is going to deduct before the day is out. Here are just a few examples of what he/she (God that's getting annoying, I sure hope he/she drops out real soon) may be writing off:

    McCain Clinton Obama
    Essential Deductions Ford Maverick, the official car of the maverick 150 ct. inflatable superdelegates Year's supply of lapel pins (being welded together into patriotic ironman suit to be unveiled at the convention)
    Secret Deductions Jowl implants (to maintain link to his masters in Hanoi) Regenerative Liquid Metal Exoskeleton (TM) Bunch of Muslim stuff
    Super-Secret Deductions Talk Straightener (TM) Mark XIX Desert Eagle .357 magnum, Browning M1917 machine gun, Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon Hope Stash (TM)


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