• Marvel Universe: Colbert for President – Pennsylvania Campaign

    After Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada announced that Stephen Colbert is still running for president in the Marvel Universe, we decided to follow up by contacting a reporter in that universe for updates on his campaign. What follows is the third of those updates.

    Colbert Reading, then Pennsylvania
    Ken Ellis, DB! Staff Reporter

    Next week's primary is guaranteed to be a Democratic slobberknocker in Pennsylvania. But it hasn't hindered the Stephen Colbert political engine from contemplating a brief stopover in the Big Apple sometime this weekend — specifically, midtown Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Convention Center, home for this weekend’s annual New York Comic Con.

    "Pennsylvania is first and foremost on Mr. Colbert's agenda," assured one of his campaign representatives. "He just wants to reach out and correspond with fellow comic book fans attending from all over the country. Their opinions are extremely important to him.

    "He has also been looking for a first printing of the Sentry comic that has the first chapter of 'The Alien Agenda,'" the spokesman added.

    Regardless of whether or not he obtains that elusive comic book, the presidential hopeful knows that he has far more pressing issues to address. Even after numerous campaign stops throughout the Keystone State and the April 22 primary, Colbert plans to visit our nation's capital. Just over a week ago, amid a protest outside the White House, an alleged Captain America sighting sparked a media frenzy and many questions regarding the fallen hero.

    "Captain America is dead, and I think Mr. Colbert just wants to re-state that it's time for Americans to move on," said Colbert’s spokesman. "The world watched him die before their very eyes. Unless they see him return from the dead the very same way, there’s no reason to speculate otherwise."

    For a special Colbert easter egg, check out Incredible Hercules #116 on sale today.

    This week's image is from New Warriors #11.

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