• Who Got the Bump? – Clinton, Obama and Edwards on The Colbert Report

    As everyone knows, if you are a presidential candidate, the best thing you can do for your campaign is to go on The Colbert Report to receive the scientifically proven Colbert Bump. So which one of our two candidates and one former candidate earned said bump tonight? Lets see how they did.

    11:32 – Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to prove that she can handle any crisis, no matter how outside her field of expertise, as long as it takes place late at night.

    11:48 – John Edwards delivered the "Ed-Words" tonight by offering his endorsement to the candidate who buys him a jet ski (and also does some other socially responsible stuff). I guess this means he isn't going to announce the unsuspension of his campaign tonight.

    11:57 – Barack Obama hijacked the very screen that Hillary Clinton fixed at the beginning of the show. There's got to be a metaphor there somewhere, but I can't figure it out. At least James Brady is no longer on notice.

    UPDATE: Our friend Matt over at our sister blog, the CC Insider, seems to think he's figured out the metaphor, but near as I can tell, he's only come up with similes.

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