• Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Still Barraging Each Other with Kitchen Sinks

    As we head into the last day of serious Pennsylvania campaigning, we find that campaigns have gotten increasingly violent, with all manner of things flying all over the place

    "I think he's doing what candidates do when they get desperate at the end of an election," Clinton said in the interview.

    "He is now undermining his message. He has spent all this time crossing Pennsylvania talking about how he runs a positive campaign, except when he gets pressed, and he starts throwing… the 'kitchen sink' at me."

    I'm confused. Is that his kitchen sink or the kitchen sink that Hillary Clinton originally threw at him a few months ago? Or do the candidates keep stores of kitchen sinks on hand to throw at one another?

    Maybe Obama can clarify

    "You know, over the last several weeks since she fell behind, she's resorted to what's called 'kitchen sink' strategies," Obama said, per ABC News' Sunlen Miller. "She's got the kitchen sink flying, and the china flying, and the, you know, the buffet is coming at me."

    That wasn't really any help. In fact, I don't think Barack Obama understands the kitchen sink metaphor completely. Is he saying that Clinton detached the kitchen sink from the counter and threw that before she got around to throwing the china? I mean, china's a lot easier to throw; I'd think she'd go for that first, and then pull out the plumbers tools when there was nothing left to throw.

    And then, apparently — only after throwing a giant kitchen fixture and destroying the very valuable plates and gravy boats — did she get around to throwing the food?

    This is why I'll never understand politics. Or home repair.

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