• Ron Paul Not Last Night's Biggest Loser

    You know what? Last night, there wasn't only a Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. Sure, the liberal communist Muslim terrorists would like you to believe that, but, oh no. There was a Republican primary, too.

    Well, to be fair, it wasn't much of a primary. I mean, the Republicans have already chosen John McCain as their candidate. But that doesn't mean that Democracy should be ignored. Just because it's mathematically impossible for a candidate to win doesn't mean that he can't win.

    Stop using logic. And start thinking like Ron Paul

    …Texas Rep. Ron Paul's revolutionaries continue to plug away. With 45% of Pennsylvania's 9,268 precincts reporting, Paul has captured 15% of the vote. He's easily beating former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has only 12%.

    You see that? Ron Paul — who is still officially a candidiate — might be a loser, but he's beating that other loser — the fat Jesus guy, the one who admitted he lost and dropped out — by three whole percentage points.

    The Ron Paul Revolution is still going just as strong as it ever was!

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