• Someone Needs to Change John McCain's Batteries

    While touring New Orleans to survey the reconstruction efforts, John McCain found himself confronted with an insane thing one of his insane supporters once said. Specifically (I know, it's so hard to choose), reporters questioned McCain about the Rev. John Hagee's statement that Hurricane Katrina was God's revenge on the big gay city.

    McCain's synapses sprang into something that resembled action, but then they got kind of stuck

    Q: What is your reaction (to Hagee Katrina comments)?

    McCain: It's nonsense.

    Q: Would you withdraw accepting his endorsement?

    McCain: It's nonsense, it's nonsense, it's nonsense. It's nonsense. I don't have anything additional to say about that. It's nonsense.

    Q: Do you regret accepting his endorsement?

    McCain: It's nonsense. I don't have anything more to say about that. Of course — I apologize for that. It's nonsense.

    To recap: it's nonsense, John McCain doesn't have anything more to say about that, and he desperately needs to be plugged back in to his charger if this campaign is going to continue.

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