• Hillary Clinton Getting "The Silent Treatment" From Mean Republicans

    So it seems the wildly immature GOP is up to its old tricks again, and this time, their target is Hillary Clinton. Despite her impressive Pennsylvania win, it seems Republicans are still giving Hillary "the silent treatment."

    When will this foolishness end? Haven't the Democrats endured enough?

    First, the Republicans short-sheeted Joe Biden's bed. Then Bill Richardson fell for the "Prince Albert in a Can" prank call. Frankly, we're lucky no one at Obama headquarters lost an eye after opening several suspicious, but irresistibly delicious, cans of peanut brittle. The Democrats just can't take any more of this. It's time to take precautions.

    And although Hillary Clinton did have to cancel several speaking engagements after suffering a negative reaction to a botched cootie shot, I'm sure she'll show those prankish Republicans she's made of tougher stuff!

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