• HUGE Superdelegate Endorsement Saves Barack Obama

    img-barackobama29.jpgWith the Obama campaign sinking under the weight of its association with the wrong type of black people, the good cheerleaders at DailyKos report that the struggling senator picked up the biggest superdelegate endorsement of 'em all today. He's an ex-party bigwig who started out as a young Democratic star loyal to the Clintons but has since drifted far to the left. That's right, former
    DNC chair Joe Andrew

    We don’t care about the size of your bank account, just the size of your heart; and we don’t care where you are today, just where you dream you want to be tomorrow. That is your Democratic Party. That is Barack Obama's Democratic Party.

    Wow. Guess we can expect Obama to start enjoying that fomer DNC chair Joe Andrew bump any day now:

    I ask Hoosiers to come together and vote for Barack Obama to be our next President. In an accident of timing, Indiana has been given the opportunity to truly make a difference. Hoosiers should grab that power and do what in their heart they know is right. They should reject the old negative politics and vote for true change. Don't settle for the tried and true and the simplistic slogans, but listen to your heart and dare to be inspired. Only a cynic would be critical of Barack Obama inspiring millions. Only the uninformed could forget that the candidate that wins in November is always the candidate that inspires millions.

    Oh, yeah, he's from Indiana! This'll give Obama a huge boost. Remember how well he did in Massachusetts after Ted Kennedy and John Kerry endorsed him? Those guys are former DNC chair Joe Andew-esque, for sure, but nothing like the real deal.

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