• North Carolina, Indiana – Predictions


    Seems none of the experts can agree on what's going to happen tonight in Indian and North Carolina.

    ABC News reports that Democrats "expect a split" of votes between Obama and Hillary, with the campaign continuing for another six weeks.

    The Associated Press, however, used completely different words to report that "[b]oth candidates predicted the race would stretch into June, regardless of Tuesday's outcomes."

    And just for the sake of diversity, the National Review phrased its prediction as "Obama win[s] North Carolina… Clinton carries Indiana…"

    Who knows what will happen on this topsy-turvey election day! Could Obama win in North Carolina or will Clinton lose in the Tar Heel State? Will Indiana go to Clinton or is it possible that the Hoosiers will vote against Obama? I guess we'll just have to sit back and see who was right.

    And don't forget to join us tonight starting at 7:00 EST as we live blog tonight's election results. In the meantime, let us know your predictions.

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