• Libertarian Bob Barr Officially Joins the Jumblef**k

    John McCain might be happily watching the Democratic donkey punchfest from the sidelines today, but come the fall he might be doing some conservative infighting of his own.

    Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr has officially announced his intention to run for president as a Libertarian

    Saying that none of the other presidential candidates are talking about the most important issues — including what he sees as the need to "re-shape this country in the image of our Founding Fathers"…

    …Barr also declared that Americans "deserve better" than what they've been getting from elected officials in Washington.

    Excellent points, all. We do need to "re-shape this country in the image of our Founding Fathers," whatever that means. Maybe some powdered wigs. Or we can start losing our teeth. Or, I should say continue losing our teeth.

    According to Barr's website, some of that re-shaping would come in the form of cutting big government spending (aka, "The Root of all Problems"), replacing the national income tax with a national sales tax, restoring the writ of Habeas Corpus, and more securely securing the country's borders. You know, conservative stuff. Just like all the stuff John McCain doesn't support.

    As it turns out, a lot of conservatives aren't happy with the prospect of a Barr candidacy, and they'd rather him just stay home instead

    The former Republican congressman from Georgia formed an exploratory committee last month and told The Washington Times he has since been subjected to the behind-the-scenes pressure from Republicans not to run….

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told The Times today that "Bob Barr will make it marginally easier for Barack Obama to become president. That outcome threatens every libertarian value Barr professes to champion."

    You know who has two thumbs and doesn't give a shit about that argument? That Bob Barr guy…

    Barr said such talk doesn't concern him. It will be McCain's fault, not his, if the Republican loses in November, Barr said. "The American voter deserves better than the lesser of two evils," he added.

    Absolutely. They deserve the lesser of three evils.

    Four, if you count Nader. Which you probably shouldn't.

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