• Marvel Universe: Colbert for President – Stephen Colbert Meets with Thor, Other Gods

    After Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada announced that Stephen Colbert is still running for president in the Marvel Universe, we decided to follow up by contacting a reporter in that universe for updates on his campaign:


    Keeping His Norse Clean
    Ken Ellis, DB Staff Reporter


    En route to some pivotal politicking in New Mexico, Camp Colbert briefly diverted off Route 66 and into Oklahoma's heartland Monday. And in the middle of a very small-town gathering on a warm, sunny afternoon, Stephen Colbert was received by both men and gods.


    "He was understandably in awe," explained a Colbert spokesperson. "I mean, how often does one rub elbows with mythical Norse gods that have basically deposited Asgard in the middle of the country? Still, he handled himself very well with the townspeople and Asgardians. It was a great day."


    That much is true. In fact, within minutes of his arrival near Sam Miller's land — now recognized as the site of Asgard — Colbert seemed to make instant "BFFs" with a large, boisterous Asgardian called Volstagg. The two shared a hearty laugh while the presidential hopeful looked rather hopeless trying to wield the supersized warrior's weighty steel blade.


    "Clearly, Mr. Colbert ain't cut out for sword-fighting," quipped Mayor Cletus before the receptive townsfolk. "But I'm sure he's got what's necessary to make this country a lot stronger."


    Granted, Sen. Hillary Clinton won over the majority of Oklahoma's voters last February. Yet with neighboring New Mexico's primary less than three weeks away, Colbert's heartland visit Monday may earn him critical superdelegate support — support that, to this point, has been borderline about backing a candidate.


    "[Colbert] seems very well-spoken about national and foreign issues," noted Beth Sooner, who runs the local boarding house, "but he looks much taller on TV. I guess if the cameras can add 20 pounds on a person, I reckon they can add a little bit of height, too."


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