• Barack Obama Wouldn't Know His Auschwitz From a Hole in the Ground

    Now that he's passed her in pledged delegates, super delegates, states won and the popular vote, Barack Obama is trying to top Hillary Clinton's impressive verbal flub count

    The right-wing blogs have been abuzz over Obama's comments yesterday, at a town hall in New Mexico, that his uncle had helped liberate concentration camps, and was among the "first American troops" at Auschwitz.

    The blogs and the Republican National Committee have hit Obama hard, criticizing him for not knowing his history — that the Soviets, not the Americans, liberated Auschwitz.

    The Obama people claim that what the senator meant to say was "Buchenwald" not "Auschwitz," but I don't find that excuse even remotely believable. I mean, they don't even sound vaguely similar.

    I always say, if you want a candidate who knows his WWII history, you gotta go with McCain. If I remember correctly, his youngest grandson fought in the war, so I have to think he followed it with great interest.

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