• Marvel Universe: Colbert for President – Stephen Addresses Junior High School

    After Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada announced that Stephen Colbert is still running for president in the Marvel Universe, we decided to follow up by contacting a reporter in that universe for updates on his campaign:


    Eighth Graders Talk Birds, Bees…and Registering Their Super-Powers
    Ken Ellis, DB Staff Reporter

    As the eighth graders of Bridgeport Junior High School approach the summer hiatus, their minds are undoubtedly focused on family vacations, friends they'll hang out with, and what high school may be like come September. However, on Monday morning, a visiting Stephen Colbert asked them to think seriously about something else: the personal changes that each of them will endure, or have already begun enduring, this summer.

    The presidential hopeful prefaced his discussion with details on this past weekend's memorial service in Stamford. It was there when a recent confrontation between the New Warriors and Nitro turned tragic — resulting in an explosion that claimed more than 600 lives. Amid public outrage and brutal feuding among many of Earth's mightiest beings, Congress passed a Superhuman Registration Act, whereby those with super-powers or extranormal abilities would be required to unmask and register themselves with the United States Government.

    From there, Colbert reminded the Bridgeport students that research showed extranormal powers often surface at the onset of adolescence and if the students should start noticing any radical changes with their bodies they should seek advice from their parents or other trustworthy people in their lives.

    The floor then opened for a Q & A session that went far beyond any normal classroom dialogue on puberty. Questions included how to detect signs of possessing super-powers, if they differ from having mutant abilities, and how the Act violates First, Third and Fifth Amendment rights.

    Regarding the last query, candidate Colbert quipped to the students that clearly, the educational issues this country faces don't apply to their particular classroom, prompting several laughs from the room. He concluded by reassuring the middle-schoolers that there are initiatives in place to protect every American and, as President, he will take the necessary steps to ensure that no one's civil rights will be compromised by the Act.

    For special Colbert easter eggs, check out Ms. Marvel #27 and She-Hulk #29, on sale today.

    This week's image is from Incredible Hercules #117.

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