• Watch Live Right Now — The DNC Rules Committee

    Right now, the Democratic party movers and shakers are meeting in a darkened, smoke-filled room that someone from C-Span seems to have found a way to smuggle a camera into.  

    So far, it's full of all the pathos and heart wrenching speeches you would expect.  For instance Sen. Bill Nelson of Nevada Florida(sorry guys, late night), previously known for sitting politely and voting as he is told, just finished a speech of the type he's probably only used to making every six years.  He talked about some disabled woman wanting the Florida and Michigan delegates to be counted, which is compelling, because as we all know, the disabled, like children are always right. 

    Watch the DNC Rules Committee Meeting Live


    If the above "Justin TV" embed doesn't work, you can always try c-span. Now C-Span doesn't have an embedded player that we can put on the blog here, nor does it have a universally functional Flash player, but if you squint your eyes just right and pretend it's 10 years ago, you can watch the whole thing on Windows Media or RealPlayer.

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