• It's the Final Countdown!


    Join former United States Senate Pages Dylan and Ethan Ris as they bring you the dish on not just the presidential race but all the exciting triumphs and disgraces inside, outside, and below the Beltway!

    The Pages will be watching with 'bated breath tonight as the returns come in from Montana and South Dakota! These are the last states to vote in the Democratic primary season, and the nomination will most likely be sealed tonight.

    In Montana, Senator Barack Obama is heavily favored to win the crucial Crow Indian vote, riding high as the newest member of the Whistling Water Clan. This, in addition to his strength in the inner-city urban core of Billings, should put him in a strong position to defeat Senator Hillary Clinton.

    Meanwhile, Clinton has her sights set on an upset in South Dakota, where Obama has been stung by his own admission that his ears may not fit on Mount Rushmore.

    For those of you wondering what all this will mean for the final outcome, the Pages have compiled a cheat-sheet of possible scenarios based on the results of tonight’s voting:

    Scenario One: Obama beats Clinton handily in both states. Clinton delivers a concession speech, and gracefully bows out of the race. On Wednesday, she and Obama appear together at a Democratic Unity rally and she offers him her endorsement.

    Scenario Two: Obama beats Clinton narrowly in both states. Clinton refuses to deliver any speech at all, but sends word of her exit from the race through surrogates. On Wednesday, she and Obama meet for coffee at a Washington, DC Starbucks and exchange strained pleasantries for 12 minutes until Obama announces that he had fun, but he really has to get going now.

    Scenario Three: Obama wins Montana and Clinton wins South Dakota. Obama calls for Clinton to exit the race, citing the need for the Democrats to focus on beating John McCain. Clinton schedules rallies in Ohio and Florida and begins interviewing running mates.

    Scenario Four: Clinton wins Montana and Obama wins South Dakota. Same scenario as above, except Sean Hannity loses a bet and has to eat his first-born child.

    Scenario Five: Clinton beats Obama in both states. All the remaining uncommitted superdelegates immediately announce their support for Clinton, throwing the outcome of the primary contest into doubt. The result is a brokered Democratic convention in Denver, where confused delegates end up nominating the late Hubert Humphrey for the presidency and Michael Moore as his running mate.

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