• From the Writers of The Daily Show: Clinton Comfort

    On the final day of an epic Democratic primary season, former President Bill Clinton was spotted comforting his campaign-weary wife as the couple passed through airport security. The video of the Clintons, airing on all the major news networks, has been described as an "iconic" moment between the power couple. But with no audio of the footage, we can only guess what Bill's words of consolation might have been. Possibilities include:

    * "Come on, baby. It's called the mile high club, you're gonna love it. i slip off to the bathroom, then, a few minutes later, you come, too."

    * "Look on the bright side, they're showing 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' on the plane."

    * "Don't think of it as losing. Think of it as not living up to my legacy."

    * "At least we're not twenty million dollars in debt. What?"

    * "Cheer up, baby. I'll get you something nice from Sky Mall. This is nothing the world's largest map puzzle can't fix."

    * "Okay, on to plan B. Let's knock over a casino. Get in, get out, no one gets hurt. I'm thinking Mohegan Sun."

    * "Man, you look really tense. Maybe I should take my pants off."

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