• LiveBlog – The Clinton Concession

    1:17 – Well, that's it.

    What comes next?

    1:15 – I'm impressed.

    1:13 – This is surreal. Watching Hillary Clinton throwing so much support behind Obama. I feel like I'm dreaming.

    1:12 – "Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from going forward."

    1:09 – "That glass ceiling has about 18 million cracks in it, and it's shining through with light."

    1:07 – She's speaking specifically to her female supporters now, for whom this is probably almost as difficult a day.

    But, you know what, it's pretty fucking awesome that almost through with this bullshit no women/no minority glass ceiling in politics.

    I don't even know why this is an issue still.

    1:04 – "We must help elect Barack Obama president." If you say it enough times, maybe you'll start believing it.

    1:03 – Now it's just getting ridiculous. All of a sudden she can't stop endorsing Obama every three seconds.

    1:02 – "I am standing with Senator Obama to say 'Yes We Can!'"

    Can you believe that? She's stealing his lines now.

    12:58 – "This has been a tough fight, but the Democratic Party is a family."

    I hope it's not like my family. I'd hate to see someone throw a pot at Obama's face at the convention.

    12:57 – You can just see the frustration on her face as she mouths the words. This must be very painful for her.

    12:56 – Wow. She's saying nice things about Obama. And the crowd is actually cheering.

    12:55 – She just said it. "We have to do all we can to help elect Barack Obama the next president of the United States."

    "I endorse him and throw my full support behind him."

    12:50 – This speech is okay, I guess. But I'm still waiting for something remarkable.

    12:49 – That is one packed concession speech.

    12:47 – She's talking!

    12:45 – She's almost at the podium! Only 45 minutes late.

    Or five months late, depending on your perspective.

    12:44 – Here they come!

    I can see Bill's big white head.

    12:41 – Hillary Clinton is in the building!

    12:37 – Clinton's on her way now, and as she drive, there are many exciting destinations on her drive to distract her and may delay her further.

    First up, she might want to drop by and say hi to her neighbors, the various ambassadors from foreign countries. That's right, we should probably be happy that she's not running because she apparently hangs out with foreigners! And we know how dangerous they can be.

    Or rather, we WOULD be concerned if it weren't for her uber-patriotic neighbor around the corner, Dick Cheney! Whew.

    Anyway, traveling down Massachusetts avenue, she'll be passing Dupont Circle, once known as a seedy gay cruising area. Now it's very family friendly and sports a Books-a-Million where she could buy discount copies of "My Life" and "Living History." She also has her choice of several Starbucks.

    Now if she chooses to turn down 7th St., she'll be traveling through China Town, which sports Chipotle, Legal Sea Food, Potbelly, Jaleo, Austin Grill, and a California Tortilla. Lots of good Chinese food to probably.

    Then she'll pass the bustling DC theatre district where she can see a play at the new Shakespeare Theatre, the edgy Woolly Mammoth Theatre, or the old Shakespeare Theatre.

    Finally she might get distracted as she passes the National Portrait Gallery where she can gaze at the visage of Stephen Colbert.

    So don't expect her to speak any time soon.

    12:26 – Holy god, she's escaped! She's on her way!

    12:20 – She can't make it by 12:30 even if she left the house now. Which she won't.

    This is beginning to feel like a stand-off. I keep thinking she's gonna come out of the house with a gun in each hand and dive into the SUV while Bill blows the shit out of a news van with a rocket launcher. Then they'll screech off and news helicopters will chase them like OJ Simpson.

    We can only hope for anything that exciting.

    12:14 – I wonder what she's doing in there. This must be a difficult day for her, and I do genuinely feel bad.

    If I were her — if I'd come this close to winning the Democratic nomination — I'd be curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor crying.

    But, that's what I do every day.

    12:12 – The speech is being pushed backagain. It's now scheduled for 12:30. I'll believe it when I see it.

    12:04 – Terry McAulliffe is walking through the crowd on the museum floor. He must be trying to keep people entertained so they don't leave.

    11:55 – Clinton still hasn't left her house. According to Google Maps, it's a fifteen minute drive from her house to the Nation Building Museum.

    I don't think she's gonna make it on time.

    11:38 – Tim Russert is on MSNBC talking about the possibility of Obama asking Al Gore to be his running mate.

    They must be bored.

    11:31 – So, at noon, Clinton will be speaking at the Nation Building Museum in DC. We took a look at their website and noticed that the museum is actually closed today. According to their site…

    On Saturday, June 7, the Museum will be closed for a special event. We apologize for any inconvenience; please visit us on Sunday, June 8 for regularly scheduled programs and exhibits.

    That's weird. I wonder what that event is. And how can Clinton speak there if it's closed?

    I sense some kind of "Loose Change"-like conspiracy.

    11:16 – Hillary Clinton is preparing to leave her house. You heard it here first.

    10:34 – Clinton has still not left her house. Pundits speculate that she might say something nice about Barack Obama today.

    10:02 – Hillary Clinton has not even left her house yet. We know this because CNN has cameras trained on her front door at all times.

    9:42 – It looks like tickets are still available for "a special event" (read: concession) in Washington D.C. today at the National Building Museum. The invite says show up at 10:00, but these Canadians are saying she won't speak until noon.

    I guess this means part of HIllary's strategy is to punish her die hard supporters by making them stand in the 100 degree fog for two hours waiting for her to speak.

    Check back later, as we'll be liveblogging the whole event.

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