• The Battle Between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Rages on in HTML

    Some die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters are traveling back in time to 1997, and railing against that evil, hippy, black, Muslim, liberal Barack Obama with all the force that a limited understanding of html and a handful of animated gifs will allow.

    The National Organization for Ex-Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain — boasting a membership of more than 35,000 (35,000 what? People? That seems unlikely) — is your place to stop on the web for all the anti-Obama rants you can keep down.

    The site was created by Edward Hale, a Texas Democratic Party state convention delegate, which really just confirms all your worst suspicions about the Texas Democrats…

    "I am one of them Bible-thumping, gun-toting rednecks and damn proud of it," the author declares on the site of Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain.

    Wow. I never would have guessed.

    However, not to be outdone by a bunch of idiot Clinton supporters, some idiot Obama supporters also jumped into the time machine to create their own antediluvian webpage at hcsfjm.org (the original is hcsfjm.com — very clever indeed) seeking to target voters too stupid to type in the correct address, use a search engine, or maintain an opinion beyond the last thing they've read.

    Maintained on a free GoDaddy webpage and sporting pictures of Teddy Roosevelt and Mother Teresa for some reason, this Pro-bama website asks readers to please, please think of the children…

    Please, supporters of Hillary Clinton: Do not defy all that she stands for and has worked for over the past 35 years. Do not vote for McCain. He's a likeable politician, who also happans to be a Navy hero, but that is not sufficient for the presidency under current circumstances. Too much is at stake in 2008… Vote Democratic!

    Idiot John McCain supporters, unwilling to be left out of the fray — are frantically mimeographing pamphlets to be left in your local bus stop and diner bathroom floor.

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