• The Ron Paul R-EVOL-ution is Over! Long Live the R-EVOL-ution!

    As of tonight, the Ron Paul crusade for presidential inanity officially comes to a end.

    But, in dissolution, there is resurrection

    The new phase of the revolution officially begins with a speech tonight in Houston and a Web video to be posted on his site, officially ending Paul's presidential campaign and freeing up the more than $4.7 million in campaign cash for investment in a new advocacy group, The Campaign for Liberty.

    The new entity will be used to push a slate of libertarian-minded Republican candidates for public office in local districts nationwide, according to a description provided to ABC News by the Paul campaign. Paul also recently published a new book on his political philosophy, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

    This is kinda like that part of Fantasia, where Mickey Mouse keeps cutting the magic broom in half and making more and more, smaller and smaller magic brooms.

    So, it looks like we might have a whole bunch of little, tiny Ron Pauls running all over the country soon.

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