• Tony Schwartz, Creator of LBJ's "Daisy" Ad, Dies

    We lost another giant of modern political discourse over the weekend.

    On Saturday, Tony Schwartz — the man who created Lyndon B. Johnson's infamous, pants-shittingly scary "Daisy" advertisement against Barry Goldwater — died at the age of 84 in his Manhattan home…

    "Media consultant" is barely adequate to describe Mr. Schwartz's portfolio. In a career of more than half a century, he was variously an art director; advertising executive; urban folklorist who captured the cacophony of New York streets on phonograph records; radio host; Broadway sound designer; college professor, media theorist and author who wrote books about the persuasive power of sound and image; and maker of commercials for products, candidates and causes.

    What was more, Mr. Schwartz, who had suffered from agoraphobia since the age of 13, accomplished most of these things entirely within his Manhattan home.

    If his vision of the world is anything like the one portrayed in this 1964 TV advertisement, it's no wonder he stayed in his apartment all the time. I'd never leave the closet.

    Our condolences go out to Mr. Schwartz' family.

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