• Ask a Former Evangelical Christian

    With James Dobson pointing the finger at Barack Obama and his Bible "distortion", Evangelical Christians are back in the news for this election cycle. Not that they ever really left. Aren't you a little curious about what makes these folks tick, besides the Countdown to Armageddon clock we imagine they all have next to their beds?

    Well, we found one for you. His name is David, and he used to be a 7-Day Creationist who proselytized internationally, spoke in tongues, and believed Ronald Reagan had a personal connection to God and that the gay community molests children in an attempt increase their numbers, but could be healed of their gayness by God.

    David no longer believes these things, but he can answer your questions about this mindset. So, if you have something you've always wanted to ask an Evangelical Christian, leave your question in the comments of this post, and David will try to answer you by Friday. And…you're welcome!

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