• Catching Up With A Loser: Joe Biden and Chris Dodd

    Join former United States Senate Pages Dylan and Ethan Ris as they bring you the dish on not just the presidential race but all the exciting triumphs and disgraces inside, outside, and below the Beltway!


    Catching Up With A Loser! It's time to reveal the identity of Congressional Confidential's next presidential dropout, profiled in chronological order. Mr. Blitzer, the envelope please… And it's a tie!! Congratulations to both Senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and Chris Dodd (D-CT)!

    Biden and Dodd, making good on a childhood playground vow, ended their presidential campaigns on the same day, January 3, 2008. (This is notable because, unlike all candidates heretofore profiled, they stuck around long enough to lose an actual primary.) Previously, the two white, male, mid-60's Senators from irrelevant states had both announced their candidacies on Imus In The Morning within a month of each other, both polled behind Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) through August 2007, and both dated Bianca Jagger — oh wait, that was only Dodd.

    As the Iowa caucuses approached, Biden began pulling ahead of Dodd both in the polls and in the tally of possibly racist comments — three to Dodd's one. And sure enough, when Iowans emerged from their crowded barns on the night of January 3, Biden had defeated his dear friend Dodd, 0.93% to 0.02%!

    The night was particularly sad for Dodd on two counts: First was the news that Biden would have endorsed him had he somehow managed to stay in the race. Second was the realization that not only had he lost to his comrade from Delaware, but also to his wry and dastardly foe "Uncommitted"!

    As you might imagine, Biden and Dodd have drifted apart since their fateful co-drop-out of January 3. Dodd has been preoccupied with his sweetheart loan deal from Countrywide Financial while Biden is currently delayed on an Amtrak train that was scheduled to arrive in Wilmington on May 17. For now, the hope among Beltway Insiders is that the pair can be persuaded to reunite on a nostalgia tour and finish the job right — by co-losing the 2012 presidential elections!

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