• The Evangelical Right Takes Another Swipe at Barack Obama

    When not slashing women to death in lonely motels to the sound of shrieking violins and dressing his mother's corpse up in her Sunday best, Tony Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, an Evangelical conservative lobbying organization that thinks abortion should be aborted and homosexuality is totally gay.

    In the wake of James Dobson's perplexing critiques of the Democratic candidate, the FRC just released this advertisement — starring Perkins himself and his son Samuel (who, incidentally, has zero screen presence) — attacking Barack Obama's stance on abortion…

    The ad begins with file footage of Obama saying…

    "We need fathers to recognize that responsibility doesn't just end at conception."

    …which perfectly sets up Perkins' chance to pose this question to the Illinois senator…

    "If, as you say, fatherhood begins at conception, when does life begin?… Let me ask it this way: if I became a father at conception, when did Samuel here become my son?"

    Oh, I know this. I know this! Don't tell me!

    It's, um… 45 miles an hour!

    Gah! I suck at math!

    (via The War Room)

    Update: In the comments, Indy reader kia thinks s/he's solved Perkins' braintwister…

    According to the Christians I know, Samuel becomes your son as soon as the sperm penetrates the egg… and he stops being your son the day he announces he's gay.

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