• The Colbert Report's Top 25 AmericErotic PatrioPhilia Clips for Producing JingOrgasms, #25-#21

    As the world celebrates America's birthday, it's the perfect time to immerse oneself in the heroism of a man who's not afraid to shove his patriotism into America's collective orifice like a big piece of birthday cake. And that's why we're bringing you The Colbert Report's Top 25 AmericErotic PatrioPhilia Clips for Producing JingOrgasms. We'll be rolling five clips out every day till July 4th. Here now are the first five:

    25. The Colbert Report: Fract – The American Flag
    Which flag is the most popular flag in all 50 states?

    24. The Colbert Report: Jan Schakowsky
    Eat it, Kobayashi! When an American wins a hot dog eating contest, it strengthens every patriot's gut

    23. The Colbert Report: Difference Makers – Nitro Girl
    Nitro Girl is a statue that embodies the classic trifecta of patriotism — height, sexiness and, of course, nitrogen.

    22. The Colbert Report: Flagburning
    Is there no one who loves our flag enough to burn one just to remind us how horrible flagburning is?

    21. The Colbert Report: Big Loud Flag
    What is more patriotic than a businessman, at his Las Vegas Hummer dealership, standing before a giant American flag at sunrise? Stephen's big loud flag!

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